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Open until 24 April 2025

About DUT Call 2024

This is the third Call of the Driving Urban Transitions (DUT) Partnership, funded by the European Commission within the Horizon Europe Partnership framework.

The purpose of this call for proposals is to support transnational research and/or innovation projects addressing urban challenges to help cities in their transition towards a more sustainable economy and functioning. 

Go to the DUT website for the most updated information about the DUT Call 2024.

This third Call aims to create or reinforce a portfolio of R&I projects that address issues and challenges identified in one of the three Transition Pathways (TPs): Circular Urban Economies, the 15-minute City and Positive Energy Districts.

Find out more about the call, including the call topics, timeline, and requirements here.

Call Topics

Circular Urban Economies (CUE)

CUE topic 1: Creating a new paradigm for urban water cycles​

CUE topic 2: Circular models for regenerating, repurposing, protecting and conserving urban space for biodiversity​

CUE topic 3: Multi-city strategies for circular urban economy monitoring and management

15-minute City (15mC)

15mC topic 1: Advancing urban mobility: innovations for inclusive and youth-centric mobility systems​

15mC topic 2: Reconsidering urban mobility systems: towards system innovation and proximity policies for sustainable city regions​

15mC topic 3: Evidence for the urban mobility transition – data and indicators for effective decision-making​

Positive Energy Districs (PED)

PED topic 1: Local PEDs in a multi-level perspective​

​PED topic 2: Towards the climate-neutral city: PEDs, system integration and urban strategies​

​PED topic 3: Managing the urban energy transition: data management and decision support systems​

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